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Behaviour resource: Simple, effective, positive strategies and visuals. Includes a Motivation Board for use during learning tasks.

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What makes ChatterPack resources different?

There are many common resources used with children and young people with SEND, but often children are not explicitly taught the necessary skills alongside. This might result in the view that visuals don't work. Understandable perhaps if children and young people fail to make progress using them. 

ChatterPack aims to address this by making ordinary resources and visuals extraordinary! 

ChatterPack pickup-and-go resources include:

  • Straightforward, no-experience-required, step-by-step instructions.
  • Tips and advice throughout on ways to make simple adaptions that will suit the individual needs of children and young people. 
  • Designed using a positive, proactive approach, they encourage children and young people to develop independence skills through motivation, reward, and explicit teaching. 
  • The tips and advice are great for CPD and those with experience will be able to transfer these into other situations when working with children and young people with SEND

Who is this resource for?

Children and young people, who might struggle with impulsivity.

Children and young people who might display negative reactions to rules and routines.

Children and young people who struggle to regulate their emotions during structured and unstructured tasks. 

Children and young people who require a high level of adult support within structured tasks for attention, engagement and to complete tasks.

How might it help?

The positive, proactive and simple tips and suggestions throughout can help adults to better understand the causes of children’s behaviour, how to help children manage their reactions, and how to adapt support for individuals.

It also provides strategies and a resource to help motivate children when completing learning tasks. 

What's included in the resource?

  • Reward Board
  • Motivation Board
  • Progress and reward cards
  • A range of Characters to help personalise and individualise support when using the boards

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