Resource to begin using, or to help progress from 'Now-Next' through increased engagement within structured tasks

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Who is this resource for? Children and young people who might be beginning to use 'Now-Next' boards, those who haven't managed to transition from 'Now-Next' Boards to visual timetables, who struggle using a visual timetable independently and/or who might require a great deal of adult support for attention, engagement, and to complete structured tasks.

Is it only for young children? Or children with a high level of need? This resource includes three levels of boards - a 'Now-Next' board, a 'Now-Next-Then' board, and a 'Now-Next-Then-Reward' board making it suitable for a range of needs and various levels of ability. It will teach adults how to support children and young people through motivation and reward and using positive approaches, will not only promote skills but can explicitly teach the skills, encouraging independence. 

Sounds complicated! ChatterPack resources are designed using straightforward, no-experience-required, step-by-step instructions. The simplicity of the approaches, along with the tips provided throughout, means it can be adapted to suit individuals and implemented by anyone.

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