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Independent and generalised use of 'Good sitting' 'Good listening' 'Good waiting' skills

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Who is this resource for?

  • Children and young people who are beginning to learn about the concepts of good sitting/listening/waiting.
  • Children and young people who might respond when shown visuals of good sitting/listening/waiting, but who are unable to achieve this without prompting. 
  • Children and young people who might respond when given a direct instruction to do good sitting/listening/waiting, but are unable to achieve this without prompting.
  • Children and young people who need support to generalise these skills into various situations.

Is it only for young children? 

We design adaptable resources with individuals, developmental and chronological ages in mind. If the child or young person needs support to develop these skills, then this resource certainly would be appropriate. 

What's included in the resource? 

  • Good Sitting, Good Waiting and Good Listening card
  • Reward and ChatterPack Character cards to personalise and add motivation to the resource
  • Catch-Me Card designed to support children to generalise skills into various situations

This product is a digital download