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Dark blue background with ADHD and Me book open on the 'Ideas' page which includes text and images of a girl and a box full of random objects
Dark blue background with ADHD and Me book open at the contents page. Next to the book image is yellow text highlighting some of the topics covered in the book
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Dark blue background with image of ADHD and Me book open showing one green and one white page both with black text on. Under the book is an image of hands and forearms of various skin tones

ADHD and Me

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ADHD and Me is a handbook designed to help children and young people explore and understand what their diagnosis means to them specifically. Written in an ADHD-friendly format, the book includes tips and strategies to help children, young people and the adults in their lives to better understand their ADHD.

Every person with ADHD has a very different personality, life experiences and interests, and we all find different things easy and difficult. We can share many traits too but working out exactly what ADHD means to you is important, because every person with ADHD is perfectly unique!

Digital version available here