ADHD training for school staff, parents, carers, other professionals and for young people with ADHD


Training for school staff, parents, carers, other professionals and for young people with ADHD Working for the NHS in paediatric speech and language therapy for 16 yrs has enabled me to develop diverse, effective methods to support school staff, children, young people and parents/carers. My son & I both have ADHD and this unique mix of experience of insight brings an authentic, solution focused aspect to my training.

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Image of Claire Ryan ADHD training and delegates holding a copy of ADHD and Me book

A bit about me and the training I offer

I have worked for the NHS in speech and language therapy as a Senior Paediatric TI for 16 years, supporting:

  • school staff from a wide range of settings
  • parents/carers
  • children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. 

I was diagnosed with ADHD 15 years ago, something which left me feeling very confused. What I *knew* about ADHD simply didn't make sense. So, driven by a desire not only to understand what ADHD meant to me, but also what ADHD means to individuals, I began studying.

absorbed as much research as I could, both old and new and I connected with ADHD specialists and researchers to develop my knowledge and understanding. I spent a long time learning from them, but working with children, young people and other adults with ADHD brought the learning to life and shaped my skills.

A few years ago, my autistic son was also diagnosed with ADHD and I felt fully equipped to support him. However, many parents, carers and professionals, determined to do their best for our young people with ADHD, simply don't have the support or the information they need in order to ensure positive outcomes.

It is this unique mix of experience, insight and determination to improve the outcomes for young people with ADHD that led me to delivering authentic, effective and solution-focused training.

It also led me to write 'ADHD and Me' A book for children and young people to help them understand what ADHD means to them as a unique individual 

Fundamentally, I believe in reflecting on what we 'know' about ADHD and I am certain that success is achieved through enabling adults and young people to develop a better understanding of what ADHD is and what ADHD means to individuals, which in turn leads to effective support and improves outcomes. 

Image of Claire Ryan delivering ADHD training       

Recent training

  • Nasen Live 
  • Initial teacher training, Oxford Brookes University 
  • Celebrating Education, Lambeth, NEU 
  • NHS
  • Reimagining SEND, BrewEd Hawarden -
  • SENDhelp, Durham 
  • Relationships in Inclusive Education, BrewEd Reading 
  • In partnership with Studio 3 
  • Optimus Education 


Schools and other professionals

I'm a firm believer in low cost, high impact training and am aware of the pressure on budgets. Therefore, please do get in touch to discuss how we can ensure that the training you require is affordable.

Parents, carers and young people

I offer workshops for parent support groups and groups for children and young people with ADHD. Please do contact me for more info.

Conferences and events

Please contact me to discuss your requirements