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Increasing engagement in structured tasks

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Who is this resource for?

  • Children and young people who are starting to use a Now-Next board.
  • Children who haven't managed to progress using a Now-Next approach.
  • Children who haven't managed to transition from using a Now-Next board onto using visual timetables.
  • Children and young people who do not use Now-Next approach, but who might struggle to use a visual timetable with support or independently.
  • Children and young people who require a high level of adult support within structured tasks for attention and engagement and to complete tasks.

Is it only for young children? Or children with a high level of need? 

This resource includes three levels of boards: Now-Next, Now-Next-Then, and Now-Next-Then-Reward, so you can start using this resource at the stage and pace most appropriate to the individual. 

What's included in this resource? 

  • Now-Next board
  • Now-Next-Then board
  • Now-Next-Then-Reward board
  • Blank, Reward and Surprise cards
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