Picturepath review. An app designed to replace laminated timelines

From the creator, Richard Nurse.
“picturepath is a new digital timeline that has been designed to replace laminated timelines and save time and money. It can be shared between multiple users and works on your smartphone or tablet and can be quickly and easily updated. No more printing, cutting and laminating required!”
Being a father to an autistic child, Richard was inspired to create an app which helped families like his. He has worked with a co-foundry team who have links to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and have had input from Child Psychologists, SENCOS, speech and language therapists, professionals, teachers, parents and the National Autistic Society.
I have been reviewing this App both at home and at work and have had a great deal of fun with it! Here are a few of my favourite features. 
picturepath provides an excellent range of basic symbols and also an option to add a real image using photos taken on your device. I particularly like this option as it ensures timelines are personalised and meaningful.
The simple navigation and range of symbols available made setting up separate morning and evening routines straightforward and fast. The app stores the routines, so I am able to simply add them to the daily timeline each morning and afternoon. I have also edited the routines a few times to include changes and this was also a straightforward process to complete.
Image: a section of a morning routine which I created on the app
The ‘child mode’ option leaves just the tasks visible and once complete, the task image is deleted simply by tapping it. This makes the timeline interactive, meaningful and I particularly like the option to use a Now-Next format allowing individual adaptions for needs.
Image: a section of a morning routine which I created on the app, in Now-Next mode
I love that there is an option to share timelines with other caregivers and school. What an excellent idea to provide continuity and consistency of support! In addition, by giving caregivers, parents and school context of events during the day, it provides excellent opportunities for functional communication and made me think about the potential this has to promote meaningful and effective methods of parent partnerships with schools and caregivers. Like the other options in the picturepath app, it is simple to share timelines. All you need to do is input an email address, the recipient clicks on the emailed link which then opens up the timeline in their App.
picturepath is available to download free of charge in the App Store and on Google Play Store. It allows you to trial the basic settings which are actually quite generous and I feel this confirms the ethos of picturepath being something created to help families. For only £1.99 a month you have the option to upgrade to access the premium features, which I feel is excellent value for money and makes it accessible to more families who could benefit from it.
In conclusion, this app comes highly recommended and I will certainly be continuing to use and recommend it to others.
picturepath website www.mypicturepath.com

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