Down Syndrome - Wouldn’t change a thing

Creating a world where negative perceptions of Down syndrome are a thing of the past

From Tania Charlton from the charity, Wouldn’t change a thing

This year, Wouldn't change a thing produced a book for parents, by families of people with Down Syndrome. The book, created in conjunction with Celebrate T21 in Australia, is free for new and expectant parents and families to provide them with a true, lived experience.

It is a beautiful tangible book to work your way through from babies to adults.

Here is a link to the book/information slideshow

Here is a link to the Wouldn't change a thing awareness campaign with youtube videos that you won't regret watching and certainly won't forget! 

Lots of Socks campaign

Lots of socks "We want everyone to celebrate this year’s World Down Syndrome Day so we’re (Down Syndrome Association) joining Down Syndrome International’s Lots of Socks campaign to get everyone to wear special, limited edition #LOTSOFSOCKS socks.

So whether you are at home, nursery, school, university, work, on holiday or anywhere else, on 21 March 2020, wear LOTS OF SOCKS and invite all your friends, family and colleagues to do the same!

What the Down Syndrome community would like you to know...

“What would help me would be an LA bank of people I could employ from. It’s not just administering the pay etc its finding people in the first place. Anon - parent of young person with Downs Syndrome” Anon

“I would like everyone to know that Down's Syndrome doesn't define Betsy. It is a condition she lives with, that we treat with intervention and that she lives her life in the most wonderful effervescent way. Betsy is Betsy. Beautiful.” Rachel Mewes

Image of child with Down Syndrome sitting around a campfire with her friends


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